South Arm-Bay

Our Approach

Our Approach

Research relating to Utah Lake, Jordan River and Great Salt Lake is conducted in conjunction with private partners and the Division of Water Quality.  Research is performed by researchers and staff employed by WFWQC and by contractors including universities and consulting firms.  As always, completed research tends to identify additional needed research which is prioritized to insure the most important projects are completed first.

Our Story

Our Research

The Wasatch Front Water Quality Council was initially formed to improve the quality and accuracy of the Jordan River Total Maximum Daily Load analysis and to improve the understanding of Farmington Bay in Great Salt Lake.  Later Utah Lake was added to the research scope of work in response to a need to understand how that lake functions.  Research will continue on this ecosystem into the future.

Meet the Team

The WFWQC employs the highest quality researchers to conduct and direct research in the ecosystem.  Our two lead researcher are extremely qualified and have years of experience in environmental research.


Theron Miller

Lead Project Manager and Research Scientist

PhD, Aquatic Ecology and Toxicology, University of Alberta


David Richards

Research Ecologist

PhD, in Ecology, OreoHelix Consulting